Chromecast - Danish channels

This is a test page for streaming channels through the Chromecast device.

Live streams:


Chrome users (non-Android):

  1. Visit this page in Chrome with Google Cast Plugin or Chrome for iOS.
  2. Select your Chromecast device at the the plugin prompt in the top right corner of the browser. No prompt? Try again.
  3. Click on any of the above images to select a channel.

You can leave this page and even close the browser when a stream is running.

Chrome users (Android):

  1. Long tap (tap and hold) on the image of the preferred channel. Open link to new tab.
  2. Open new tap. Go full screen and click the native Chromecast icon (upper left corner) to cast the stream.

Test area

Enter custom media URL:
Volume control

Mute media
Progress :
State : IDLE

Requirements: A Chromecast. And Chrome with Google Cast Plugin or newest Chrome for iOS. Unfortunately Chrome under Android does not work with Google's Chromecast javascript API yet - however note the mentioned workaround above.

Resources: @theplesner, streaming URL hint. XMBC, plugin and URL lists. Google SDK Hello Videos test page. Version2: DR's jurister: OK at streame DR NU på pc'en - men ikke på tv'et. DR: Se DR TV på dit fjernsyn. TorrentFreak: Embedding Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules.

- Peter Brodersen